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plot of land being cleared of tree limbs and brush

Land Clearing

Land clearing consists of removing all trees and vegetation down to the ground to leave you with a completely clean slate for construction. Temple Fork Site Services uses specialized equipment, such as bulldozers, stump grinders, hydro-axes, and more, to remove unwanted trees and brush. Our experienced team combines this equipment with our years of experience to safely and effectively remove all unwanted vegetation. Then your property will be ready for further work, such as grading and further site prep.

If you’re interested in learning more about our land clearing services, contact us today to get a free estimate!

picking up trees with a machine from a residence

Once we’ve completed land clearing or brush clearing at your property, the Temple Fork Site Service crew will clean up the site and remove all debris left behind. By either using specialized equipment, like stump grinders and mulchers, or by simply hauling the debris away, we leave your property clean and clear for the next steps in your project. 

As a team of professionals, we take the time to ensure your property looks better than ever before. Get your free quote today by contact us!

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